Doom mood is a duo established by Maud Buckenmeyer & Dorota Michalak. It is focused on the interrelations between voice, musical practices, moving bodies and their semantics.

The work has begun with our mutual interest in wind instruments and somatic approach to voice. Hours that we have spent improvising together, during the night secret sessions in the studio and sessions in public spaces.

We play around with the forms of concert and performance, sneaking into various gaps between them. Within our practice, we explore a notion of the world as immersion in which “our eyes are ears”. It implies the shift of attention from objects to fluxes and from vision to listening and the musical experience. Following this shift, we are interested in dance perceived as a sonic medium, wondering what the body of a voice is. Our work combines humour, sensuality, grounding and catastrophe – stretched between celebrating the beauty and absurds of life and climate grieving.

photo: laurent poléo garnier

Maud Buckenmeyer (FR/DE) navigates through different performative layers and mediums in order to create narrations where dance, storytelling and voicing can merge. She is dealing with the topics of loss and grief , and is interested in dance as a place of invocation and imaginary. She studied literature and theater in France before graduating from the inter-university of dance in Berlin (HZT) in July 2022.

Dorota Michalak (PL/DE) zooms into the biological processes and sensory work to blur and augment habitual phantasies and frameworks. It takes forms of staged and site-adaptive performances, as well as social and educational projects. Stemming from her experience in dance, sociology and intercultural communication, she practices ‘meshwork choreography’ that reflects on affective and relational aspects of artistic work.

photo: sunayana shetty